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Hey Guys, so you may or may not have heard the news that I sold my gym. I’m now focusing more on my 1:1 Personal Training and working with awesome people online to help them with their health & fitness goals (but without all of the BS!)

I find when you’re interacting in a one on one session I have more ability to help people work through what’s going on for them and help them to create lasting change! I find it’s really exciting to be back working in this capacity and have really revitalised my passion for it which is exciting!

That said I appreciate not everyone is going to be able to train with me one on one. Whether it’s due to location, personal situation and circumstances, finance or simply you’re not sure if 1:1 Personal Training is the right fit for you right now. And no matter what the reason is that’s completely ok with me! I get that it’s not for everyone =)

One of the reasons that i have been driven to start helping and supporting people online to achieve their goals:

So even if you can’t train with me face to face I’d still love to help you:

Having been in the industry for over a decade I must admit that I’ve seen some of the highs and lows. Personally I’m really frustrated with the trends that are coming out where photo after photo is posted on social media showing these amazing transformations (which is awesome!) but then for 3 instalments of you can buy this amazing magical program too! Plus you rarely get to see the ‘where are they now’ photos from 6 months down the track where they’re back to where they started because they couldn’t sustain starving themselves or doing 7 hours of exercise a week. To be clear, some of the programs out there are great and are common sense! These are not the programs that I’m bashing or referring to here. I’m talking about the ‘trendy and judgey ones’. I just get so frustrated with these shakes, pills and potion type approaches where someone is out to make a quick buck even though their program is not sound or realistic for any real length of time!

The problem then being because we are feeling so low or guilty about ourselves/our weight loss we get sucked into the program, secretly hoping that this is going to be the answer or fix that we’ve been looking for. We’ll throw ourselves into it and of course we can never maintain it! It ins’t designed that way unless you buy the next level, or their supplements or whatever. So we fail, we put the weight back on that we lost (if we lost any) and then the downwards cycle begins!… again! And we then feel even more desperate that last time because it feels like we’re getting out of control so we look for the next answer, the next diet, the next exercise program. You really don’t have to and it really doesn’t have to be that crazy or extreme!

My aim is to break that! I want to help women who are SICK AND TIRED of dieting and fads and want to lose weight in the comfort of their own home… the healthy way!

The REAL way! The NO BS way! The way that they can have a glass of wine and not feel guilty and then go flog themselves to death as punishment. The way that no matter where your fitness level is you CAN do this! No seriously, you can!!!

Eek – clearly I’m a little excited and passionate and really can talk for hours!

MY vision is that I want to create a group of really strong kickarse people who have a safe place to chat, have access to a qualified Trainer to ask questions, to share ideas and most importantly help each other shed some of their limiting and painful beliefs about themselves and their bodies! I want to help show them that YES you can do a push-up if you want to, you can have more energy than when you were in your 20’s if you want to and you CAN eat the foods you love!

So stay tunes, it’s a work in progress. If you’d love some more info please drop me a line.

You can also find us on the below links too if you think it sounds pretty awesome and want to come and play 😉

Wishing you awesome health & fitness!
Luv Amanda xx

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