Personal Training Packages – Payment:


It’s really awesome that you’re taking the steps to become an even more kick butt version of you! I so can’t wait to get started working with you!

Please click on any of the options below. You can pay up-front and save, or do over 3 monthly installments. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


Unlimited Package:

Getting started can often be the hardest thing. We are bombarded with what we ‘should eat’ and what we ‘exercises we should be doing’ that it can be so overwhelming and daunting! I will help you take back control of your life and reach your fabulous goals!

I’m so sure that you will succeed on this program that I will even guarantee your results!


Option 1: Pay upfront and save $300

PayPalOption 2: Pay over 3 monthly installments


Silver Package:

You’re self motivated but unsure. It may be that you’ve plateaued with your results or you’re bored with the same old routine. This package will give you a fantastic mixture of coaching and educating you need so you’re successful and Personal Training to get you the results that you want.


Option 1: Pay upfront and save $250

Option 2: Pay over 3 monthly installments

Bronze Package:

Do you currently exercise, have a good diet yet you feel like something is missing?

You may not be getting the results you want or your fitness may not be improving as quickly as you’d like or you doubt what you’re doing is the most effective way? It may even be that you’re curious about how fit you really are and how far you can be pushed. Let’s play and see how awesome you can really be 😉


Option 1: Pay upfront and save $200

Option 2: Pay over 3 monthly installments