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AR1 Fitness TrainingAmanda Rattay
Personal Trainer & Owner- Over 10 years as a full time Personal Trainer
– Certificate III & IV in Fitness
– Senior First Aid
– Cycle Instructor
– Boxing & Kickboxing Instructor
– Body Pump Instructor
– Effective Movement Trainer- Children’s Personal Trainer
– Older Adult’s Personal Trainer
– Lecturer in Cert III & IV Fitness
– Registered with Fitness Australia

Amanda Rattay is a Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping people to become fit and healthy! The end result is her clients are more motivated and have lot’s extra energy in their day to day lives!


For those who want to lose weight, tone up and feel better about themselves, Amanda is the perfect trainer! Having been through the ordeals of trying to lose weight through quick fixes and diets, Amanda uses her own experience and professional knowledge to help people deal with the overwhelming prospect of losing weight and getting fit through healthy eating and exercise.


Me doing my first MTB race (… can you see the fear in my eyes hehe)

Amanda has a fantastic industry background from mobile personal training, running group training sessions, owning a gym and working in other gyms, studios and outdoor environments to being an active sports person herself. She’ll regularly try out new gym classes to keep herself fit and know what’s happening in the industry, mountain biking, playing golf, hiking and even done training with a former Professional Boxers & Kickboxers! Amanda understands the importance of mental strength and the ability to focus on the job at hand and always pushes her clients to ensure they reach their maximum potential and kick butt!


When Amanda is not personal training she is lecturing students in Certificate III & IV in Fitness, ‘Pumping’ it out at a Les Mill’s Body Pump class or tearing it up on a Spin Bike as the Cycle instructor. In winter she even finds time to Snowboard! (That’s the Northern Hemisphere Winter too!)


Amanda’s training principals are about making sure that her sessions are varied and she ensures that her clients receive ongoing education so they can take control and change their lifestyle forever!


Her motto is: Don’t wait for it to happen – MAKE IT HAPPEN!
So what are you waiting for?

Make it happen and give Amanda a call today: 0408 618 274


Or if you prefer, you’re welcome to drop us a line below. We can’t wait to hear from you =)