Personal Training

Do you want to lose weight, get fit, tone up and have more energy?

If so Personal Training may be the answer for you!

AR1’s Personal Training Sessions are about more than just “making you sweat”; It’s about giving you the tools and education to help you reach your goals and then KEEP THEM!

I don’t subscribe to quick fixes. Why? Because I guarantee that you’ll lose your weight and then you will pile it all back on (plus more)! In fact, because you are looking at getting a Personal Trainer, I’m betting there is a good chance that you’ve already been there and done it before.

This time AR1 is going to help you change that! Anyone can lose weight – it’s the keeping it off that most people can’t sustain.
If you chose AR1 then we are going to give you the tools and resources to lose the weight, get fit and have a healthy realistic lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life! Yes that means you can still have chocolate eat out and there are no shakes or crazy diets to be seen anywhere. It’s all about healthy realistic choices.

We have put together the following packages for you that will educate your about what exercises to do (and answer all those question you have about the best exercises for you), we’ll show you different ways to eat right, and how to beat those self sabotaging thoughts that creep into your mind.

It will be our pleasure working with you to help keep you motivated and accountable to ensure that you can stick to the plan to get those great results (whether it’s dropping weight or toning up).
Most importantly at AR1 we will help you make healthy changes to your life.

Please click below on one of our Health & Fitness Packages for more information:

Personal Training, PT, Macleod, Watosnia, Greensborough, BundooraUltimate Package

Getting started can often be the hardest thing. We are bombarded with what we should eat, what exercises we should be doing, how much sleep, you can’t eat this or that and it gets so overwhelming and daunting.

I’ll help you take back control of your life and reach your fabulous goals!

I’m so sure that you will succeed on this program that I will even guarantee you results!

Learn More about the Ultimate Package here

Silver Package

You’re self motivated but unsure. It may be that you have plateaued with your results or you’re bored with the same old routine.

This package will give you a fantastic mixture of coaching and education to give you the tools you need to be successful as well as great workouts to get you the results you want!

Learn More about the Silver Package here

Personal Training, PT, Macleod, Watosnia, Greensborough, BundooraBronze Package

Do you currently exercise and have a good diet yet you feel like something is missing?

You may not be getting the results you want, your fitness may not be improving as quickly as you’d like or you doubt what you are doing is the most effective way.

If may even be that you’re curious as to how fit you really are and how far you can be pushed….

Learn More about the Bronze Package here

Mates Rates

AR1 Fitness Training also offers “Mates Rates Training” for 2-4 people.Personal Training, PT, Macleod, Watosnia, Greensborough, Bundoora
Training with a friend or spouse is a great way to have fun and reap the rewards of Personal Training and makes it more affordable than paying for it all by yourself!
(and it’s so much better for your figure than catching up for coffee and cake!)

The same training packages will be available to you: Ultimate, Silver & Bronze but will work out cheaper for you as you will be sharing the cost.

If you would like to learn more about Personal Training with a Mate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.